Sep 2011
Astronomical League Presidential Citation Certificate

Carroll Iorg presented Astronomical League Presidential Citation Certificate to Okie-Tex Chair Mike Dennis honoring us for our twenty-eight annual successful star party.
Dec 2008
Larry Beatty receives the Club's President's Award

President's Award
For extraordinary service to the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club
Awarded December 12th, 2008 to Vice President Larry Beatty for his singular work in the creation and development of Cheddar Ranch Observatory. Because of his remarkable example, the members of this club rose to the challenge with ideas, time, labor, inspiration, materials, and funds, to make this observatory a reality.
The club hereby expresses its everlasting gratitude to Larry for his great leadership in bringing CRO into being.
Dec 2007
Christian Bruggeman receives th place in the 2008 Mable Sterns award.
Dec 2007
Norman North Astronomy Classes & Club received an Honorable Mention for their National Astronomy Day efforts last April!
Sept 2007
Travis Swaim Receives First place in the Astronomical League Webmaster Award.

Sept 2007
Christian Bruggeman gets fifth place in the Astronomical League's Mabel Sterns Award for Newsletter Editor.

March 2007
Mary Masterman won the 2007 Intel Science Talent Search held in Washington, D.C., and received a $100,000 college scholarship!!!!!

Feb. 2007
Mary Masterman wins
2007 Taiwan International Science Fair2007 Taiwan International Science Fair

Our 2006 Young Astronomer of the Year continues to amaze us one and all. After winning the Intel Science Fair last year Mary was invited to fly to Taiwan and compete in the International Science fair held there.
Her airfare and hotel was paid for and naturally she won again!
John went with her.
Here are some links with information about the event:
Mary you continue to amaze us. Congratulations from all of us at the OKCAC.

July 10, 2006
Norman North High School Astronomy Classes & Club has been awarded the Sky and Telescope Astronomy Day Award

    With the help of many members of the OKC Astronomy Club, Norman North High School Astronomy Classes & Club has been awarded the Sky and Telescope Astronomy Day Award for being the "Organization That Did the Most for its Size". We have been invited to receive our certificate at the ALCON meeting in Arlington, Texas on August 4-5th! No money for CRO guys but it's a start. Thanks to all who helped! In spite of the clouds, our afternoon at the Norman Library was a hit! I keep running into people who have been with us or have heard of our adventures. We've had good crowds this June and July for our Dome Shows. 43 (!) kids and adults showed up for our 3:00 p.m. shop on Friday, July 7th (and we ran more kids thru earlier and later. Our only problem was the library was freezing and we all needed blankets or sweaters. On to bigger and better things next year with the cooperation of Mother Nature and Library thermostats! The winner of the $250. was the Iranian Astronomical Society in Tehran, Iran. Thanks again especially to Chad, David, Glen, Steve and Pete! Your help and support from the Cloud Jinx is appreciated! Eileen

July 7, 2006
Mabel Sterns Award for Newsletter Excellence- Rebecca Alestick

     I just got the word down last night that of the 200 plus Astronomy Clubs eligible, our own Rebecca Alestick placed fourth in this year's competition for the best newsletter editor.

This is something I think we can all be proud of here in the OKCAC and I wanted to congratulate Rebecca on this recognition of her efforts to bring us the news and information that keeps our club running.

When you see her, make sure you congratulate her on this award and thank her for all of her efforts.


June 10, 2006
Travis Swaim - AL Webmaster Award Second Place!

   I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Travis Swaim for the outstanding work he has done both with our website and with all of the quartermaster work he does for us.

He is officially the Astronomical League's second place winner of the 2006 best Astronomy Club Website!

Congratulations Travis and thanks for all the great work you do for us.


March 18, 2006
Mary Masterman wins the 2006 National Young Astronomer Award

     It is my great pleasure to announce to you that our own Mary Masterman has finished first in the Astronomical League's National Young Astronomer Award.

I am sure that each of you share the pride that I feel in knowing that such an outstanding young lady is associated with our organization and wish her the very best.

She got a call this afternoon from Bob Gent, the president of the Astronomical League to inform her of this honor and she will presented with her award at the ALCON convention in Dallas this August.

Congratulations Mary

We are all very proud of you.

Sky and Telescope article
Astronomy magazine article

July 2005
Debbie Hipp Wins Second Place in the Mabel Sterns Award for Newsletter Excellence

    Debbie is in her first full year as newsletter editor of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club's publication, the Gazer's Gazette.

Her ability as editor to draw contributions from a number of gifted colleagues and blend these contributions into a crisp, organized and pleasing package has been remarkable. She has done this outstanding job while being temporarily relocated out of the immediate area because of her job.

The newsletter is available in print form as well as an enhanced version available online.
A recent issue of the newsletter, submitted for the Sterns program, included a practical article entitled "Building Setting Circles for your Dob," which describes an inexpensive way to add ALT/AZ setting circles to a Dobsonian telescope.

Other informative components of that sample newsletter included Minutes and the financial report from their last Executive Board Meetings as well as articles of recent observing by members, including astronomical photos of their observations. Another article entitled "The Electromagnetic Spectrum"was sparked by the author's interest in infrared light and how it works in conjunction with night vision instruments.

text from the Astronomical League's Mabel Stern's page